Born April 5th, 1973 The Billionaire "Boy" is actually a Billionaire MAN. Aging at that. No longer does Mr. Williams look like the fresh skateboard kid that we once witnessed in the Frontin' video. For instance, here :

(click to enlarge)

And dude had the nerve to rock a Spongebob Shirt. WAIT... does Spongebob have a... MUSTACHE?! LOL! Hey, its Pharrell, so he can pretty much do anything he wants considering he owns our ears right now with the Seeing Sounds album. He kinda looks like the uncle that wants to still be cool in this picture. My advice : Just cut the 'stache, my man. LOL.


Tone Rock said...

its a sponge bob bape shirt

that "mustache is actually Milo

Milah.b said...

yet and still
pharrell is getting olddd. lol

Dr. Snaq O'meal aka Dr. Matt R. Martians 3 said...

OMG shut up! when pharrell and them first came on the scene he looked like this and might i add he made his best music then.....

Milah.b said...

nigga relax thyself..

i dont think i said his music changed, im just saying his age is showing. fool. lol

sounding like a lil girl, "omg shut up!" hahahahaha said...

lol nah. he's not showing age. like snaq o'meal said, he started like that. go back and look at those first N*E*R*D videos. his dirt lip mustache was intact. when he realized he could pull breezies, he cleaned it up and shit. but he's ageless.


pandareemy said...

damn i peeped this a minute ago... he should switch his style up some, show some maturity now that 16 year olds are biting his style... makes him look mad old

Craigjc said...

Pharell is kind of so, i dunno, 2006, don't cha think?

Just showing love.
come visit sometime.

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